The Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department

Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief Kenneth Van Oeveren needs the gift of a live kidney. It is an extraordinary act of kindness to consider this Gift of Life.

Kenneth Van Oeveren

Kenneth has been working with the UC Davis Transplant Program which is one of the top transplant centers in the country.  He has been on the waitlist since 2014.

Kenneth has been a firefighter helping others since the 1960’s.  Beginning in High School in Marin County he was a Volunteer and later became a paid firefighter while in college.  When he enlisted in the military during the Vietnam War era Ken joined the Navy as a Damage Control man in charge of shipboard firefighting. Ken with his mother and brother. Ken was medically discharged from the Navy due to a service connected disability (arthritis). The Veterans Administration treated this condition with early and now outdated medications that eventually damaged his kidneys enough that they have been very slowly getting worse ever since. In spite of this illness, Ken has been with the Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department of Napa County for over 12 years.

A few key things about being a kidney donor:

If you decide to be MY HERO, please let me know you have started the process.

You can email Ken at
Start here to register on line to be a kidney donor.

To call the transplant center with process or medical questions:
(916) 734-2307 or 1-800-821-9912

Retirement of Bill Crowley

Old E216, a 1965, Model 60 CDF rigVolunteer Firefighter Bill Crowley

It comes with a sad heart that Dry Creek-Lokoya is losing a long-time member of our fire family. Bill Crowley just received his 35 year pin and has decided it is time to hang up his gear.

Bill has been one of the stalwart members that was the driver/operator of any engine that was stationed in the 5410 area of Dry Creek Rd. including the old E216, a 1965, Model 60 CDF rig.

Bill will be missed for his life-long dedication to his neighbors and to the department. We wish Bill all the best as he continues to explore the world.

–Chief Green

Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department selects Napa County Firefighter of the Year, Davis Pratt

Davis Pratt Davis Pratt is 22 years old and is a full time EMT with AMR (Napa County's ambulance service), a Reserve Firefighter with the City of Napa Fire Department, a Volunteer Firefighter with Dry Creek- Lokoya Volunteer Fire Comapany, and a full time big brother. He was raised in Napa California and graduated Vintage High School in 2012. He completed EMT school at Napa Valley College in 2013. In High School he was fortunate to become involved in the Napa County Fire Explorer program were he was a member for four years. Once he "aged out" of the program he was fortunate enough to join the Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Company where he has been a Firefighter for 1 and 1/2 years. He loves to do anything outdoors and sport related, just so long as it's summer! He loves serving his community through Emergency Medical Services and feels it is truely incredible being apart of people's lives through his job. His goal is to become a career Firefighter, and he get to work towards that goal everyday. He loves everyday he goes to work because he found a career path that really doesn't feel like work.

The Firefighter of the Year represents a person that takes the initiative to start and complete projects as well as showing excellent work habits in the field. Davis was one of the many firefighters that were at the Creek Fire in October of last year. He climbed the hills, brought hose to the hose lay, and fought fire. The plaque Davis holds has all of the former Firefighters of the Year as well.

Dry Creek-Lokoya's Bob Haggard Mentor Award, Nick D'Adamo

Nick D’Adamo Nick D’Adamo was born and raised in Napa and graduated from Napa High School in 2015. When he was in high school he started volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. He started his fire service career while in high school. Napa high at the time had a fire science program where Nick took classes. During high he joined the Napa County Fire Explorer Post at the Napa County Fire Station in Yountville, Station 12. Before graduation of high school he completed his EMT course work. He joined the Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Company, Station 16 in December of 2015. He finished the Napa County Fire Academy in May of 2016. He currently works full-time for AMR, Napa County's ambulance service. He has been with AMR for over a year.

Volunteer Fire Chief Bob Haggard was my first chief when I joined the DCL family in 1978. Bob was a wonderful person who exemplified all the best attributes of a great man. The Bob Haggard Award and plaque was developed after the passing of Bob after a long illness. The Chief Robert Haggard Mentor Award plaque states: "In recognition of the contributions that Chief Robert Haggard has made to the Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department. This award is presented annually to those members that exemplify the attributes of Chief Haggard."

"Honor - Leadership - Community Service"

Need I say more regarding Nick D'Adamo?

Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire & Emergency Medical Service Poster

The Dry Creek-Lokoya Fire Department response area covers 200 square miles encompassing the western hills of Napa Valley. This area is steep and accessible by few roads, so we locate our apparatus in strategic places within our district to optimize our response time to any given location.

Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Firefighters