The Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department

The Dry Creek-Lokoya Fire Department response area covers 200 square miles encompassing the western hills of Napa Valley. This area is steep and accessible by few roads, so we locate our apparatus in strategic places within our district to optimize our response time to any given location.

Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Firefighters

Saying Goodbye

Bob Haggard receiving an award

We are sad to report that Robert (Bob) Haggard, former fire chief of the Dry Creek Lokoya Fire Department lost his battle to a rare form of cancer Friday (January 3rd) afternoon. In 1982 Bob was instrumental in initiating the Home Winemaker's Classic to help raise funds to build the current firehouse located at the corner of Dry Creek Road and Oakville Crossroad as well as two auxiliary garages to house the Departments remote apparatus. RIP will be missed.  
—Kathy Crowley

On behalf of they entire Dry Creek-Lokoya Fire Department, past and present— We are deeply saddened by the loss of such a great man. He was a very wise man and a great friend. He has taught all of us something about life. He lives on in our memories and the countless people that he has mentored. His legacy lives on with us and will continue through us for generations to come. Our hearts are with Bette and her family. We are her sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. As for me, he has been a very loving Father.
—Former Chief Larry Russell

Bob Haggard with fire engine

Bob Haggard training